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It's the first of its kind in the Texas Panhandle and it's helping teach students how to successfully run an art gallery.

The Ascension Academy student-led gallery, which is located in Suite 122, debuted on December 1, 2017 and has become an amazing teaching tool.

Students who take Studio Art at Ascension are in charge of organizing the exhibit by placing and hanging works of art, creating labels, artist statements and promotional material for the gallery. They also price the artwork themselves.


“Our students are so excited to be gallery owners,” says Nannette Womack, Ascension's Studio Art teacher. “They are very talented artists and have often been asked by people how their artwork can be purchased. This gives them the opportunity to earn some money and to see what goes into owning your own gallery and selling your own work.”


There are approximately eight advanced students who are participating in the gallery. The students receive 90% of the proceeds from their art sales with the additional 10% going back into Ascension’s art program.



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