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Performing Arts Showcase

Theater and Dance thrive here in Amarillo. Come and discover the variety of live productions available to enjoy in this area.

There is more here than you know…

You can attend or perform for a lifetime. There are opportunities here for all ages and experience levels - come and see.


WHO: The Performing Arts Showcase will include dancing and theatre acts from groups all over the Amarillo area.

WHERE: Performances will occur at various places around the event complex: in the Panhandle Arts Center, at the small Bistro areas in the main concourse, and in the festival’s Little Picasso area.

WHEN: The performance times will be posted in the event program which will be handed out free at the event. But to plan out your festival weekend ahead of time, sign up to receive email updates and an exclusive showcase performance preview schedule days before the festivities begin.


to students; emerging and professional choreographers; companies, studios, and schools

Amarillo Arts Fest invites choreographers to submit their work to be considered as part of the 2019 Choreography Slam - Saturday, May 11 at Noon. Please be sure to follow all instructions carefully.



Submissions Open: April 19, 2019

Deadline for Submissions: May 9, 2019


AAF invites choreography in any style or genre. The festival encourages innovative and contemporary approaches to choreography. Diversity of work, performers, and choreographers is highly valued.


Work Created by Professional Choreographers:

Work Created by Student Choreographers:


       • Certificate & Cash Prize



      • An artist statement of intent about the work. This may include concept description, intent of music selection,

           inspiration behind the piece, etc.

      • Artists will indicate which Poem they have chosen to portray in their work. 



      • Please complete the submission form below.

  • May submit as an independent entry or under the name of a company (professional or youth).

  • With their permission, work may be submitted by a company director under the choreographer’s name.

  • Choreographers may not participate in submitted piece.

  • The work may be a solo, duet/trio, or ensemble.

  • Dancers must be at least 12 years of age. Any exception must be granted by AAF.

  • Work submitted for consideration MAY include the choreographer as a performer.

  • The work may be a solo, duet/trio, or ensemble.

  • Dancers must be at least 12 years of age. Any exception must be granted by AAF.


My work was created by:

Thanks for submitting!

Actors, Dancers, and Fans - click here.

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