Saturdays, 9 a.m. – noon, next session begins June 6, 2020


AAI Member – $130.00, Non-Member – $145.00


The goals of this course are twofold…

1) Basic drawing skills. If you want to paint realistically, drawing skills are essential. Guess which foundation class is required for every major art school degree from architecture to graphic design to painting? Yes, drawing. You will be exposed to drawing with charcoal, pen and ink, and brushes.

2) Creativity. The ability to think beyond the confines of a problem or challenge is an asset no matter what you do! Even if your only desire to draw beyond this class is cave paintings, you will learn creativity. You will be exposed to both synthetic and inspired creativity; some of it might seem little weird; embrace the weirdness.


Most of us love to draw. Perhaps it all began, thousands of years ago, when an ancient artist by the name of “Thar” raised his torch to the wall of the Lascaux caves and saw that it was good… to draw and paint. Since then, every civilization in history has followed his torchlight.

Like many aspiring artists, Andrew began at the age of three by scrawling masterpieces with a black Marks-a-lot on the wall behind a sofa during nap time. Much to his parents’ chagrin, no amount of white paint could successfully cover it. Thar would have been so proud.

The obsession with drawing endured. Andrew’s wide range of interests allowed him to attend several colleges, including Savannah College of Art and Design, though he finally settled on a degree in business. Eventually, he joined a game studio called Bethesda Softworks where he constructed the database and world building framework for the Elder Scrolls of Morrowind; he continued to draw in his spare time to unwind. As his career unfolded, he moved into computer-assisted design applications and then onto 3D rendering engines. Eventually, a change of pace was in order. Andrew has studied painting under the Russian Master Artist Emin Abbasov for the last six years and plans to continue. Andrew still draws to relax after a stressful day.


Drawing is a great way to learn something new every day. Do it for yourself, do it for your inner Thar.


Supplies List

Vine or willow charcoal, extra soft. (varying sizes)

Black charcoal pencil, 6B, extra soft.

White charcoal pencil.

Pink pearl eraser.

Eraser pencil.

Slender exacto knife, or very sharp pocket knife. (for sharpening charcoal and conte)

Pencil sharpener, hand crank or electrically powered.

Red (orange) conte pencil.

18 x 24 drawing pad, white.

18 x 24 newsprint.

11 x 14 drawing pad, toned grey. (Strathmore, can be purchased from AAI, or online at Jerry’s Artarama)

Extended Supplies List (further exposure, don’t buy these all at once, use your coupons!)

Box of watercolor pencils, (preferably Staedtler brand, they bleed the best.)

Extra fine tipped sharpie or india ink, 0.5mm or less

Copic, C1 cool grey 10%, C3 cool, grey 30%, C5 cool grey 50%, C8 cool grey 80%.

(Note: Copics are an investment. Make sure you play with them in class before you decide to buy your own. Start with the C1, then the C5)


*If classes are not all used within 1 year of payment, refunds are not available for remaining classes.

Drawing Class with Andrew Nunn