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Amarillo Art Institute 

AAI is housed in the Arts in the Sunset building. It is an independent 501 (c)(3) organization that manages all programming within the facility. 

Our memberships benefit those who enjoy regularly attending classes, workshops, and independent studio time. There is a 1-time annual fee that gives you access to discounts, exclusive offers, and more. We value our members as AAI's biggest supporters



Classes are typically 8 week sessions with an instructor in 1 specific medium. You can register for the full session, or take 1 class at a time as a "drop in". There are also groups that meet informally without an instructor that you can join. Classes, drop in, and groups are for ages 16+. Children have their own classes and camps.


Workshops are similar to classes, but have a different format. You will learn from an instructor a specific medium over a shorter time. From a few hours, to a few days. Workshops are specialty classes for those who want to deeper into a medium.  

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Private Parties

We offer private events for small groups, parties, company team building etc. Our pricing starts at $35+, and varies on your party type and size. Private lessons for children and those needing a more personalized experience can also be requested starting at $25 an hour.

If you would like more information or to submit a request, click here.

AAI and Arts in the Sunset have a mission; Inspire, educate, and enrich lives through art. We know that people find purpose, passion, and community here. What is wonderful about the community here is that it has all been built on the backs of people who love the same thing in different ways - Art. We strive to make art available for EVERYONE. We know that each person has a love for art for their own reason, as well as their own way. If you are able to provide a sponsorship that would help make any of these services possible, or at a lower cost please click here


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