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Ann Crouch Original

The public gallery is a sustainable representation of artwork from our community that will allow artists of all levels to participate and be exposed to a customer base. The art will be on display for purchase during regular operating hours, First Friday Art Walks, and other special events. Artwork that is sold through the gallery includes a 20% commission to the Amarillo Art Institute.


All artwork will go through a jury process and be displayed at the gallery manager's discretion. Applying is not a guarantee that the artwork will be displayed. Artwork is selected on an 'as-needed' basis and rotated with other applicant artwork accordingly. When your pieces are displayed, the placement of the pieces and how long they are displayed will be decided by the gallery manager.


Each artist may submit 1-10 pieces, though other quantities will be considered. If you are an artist interested in having your work shown, please complete the following form in its entirety. We will not display art without an application. You will be contacted on the pieces that have been selected and have an appointed time to bring them in.

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