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Ann Crouch Original

Local developer and businessman MT Johnson, Jr. opened Sunset Center Market Town in 1960 to a crowd of 100,000 excited area residents.


This was the first mall for Amarillo and was the most popular place to shop for more than two decades until Westgate Mall opened its doors in 1982.


A decade later, in 1992, another local developer, C. W. Crouch, decided to buy the property out of foreclosure in hopes of eventually revitalizing the property.


In 2001, when Mr. Crouch passed away, his wife Ann took over management of the mall.


After successfully opening the Panhandle Art Center or PAC and renting out galleries throughout the center, Ann then opened the Amarillo Art Institute in 2004.


Today, Arts in the Sunset is run by the Crouch Foundation,a 501(c)3 organization. The Foundation was created following the death of Ann in 2017 with the sole purpose of reviving the well-known art center.


Arts in the sunset
Arts in the sunet







 MT Johnson, Jr. opens Sunset Center Market Town


Mall opens its doors

 C.W. Crouch

buys Sunset Center Market Town

Mr. Crouch passes away, Ann Crouch takes over

Ann opens the Amarillo Art Institute 

The Crouch Foundation is born

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