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Request a Private Lesson or Party 

We know that some people are looking for more help beyond the classroom, and may need one on one instruction. Request some extra help and we can get you there.

This also extends to wanting to learn a skill not offered in the classroom. Let us know what you are looking for, yourself, a group, or a party and we are happy to see how we can help.

Private Party

Examples of what could be requested through this page: 

  • A private group for painting, clay etc party 

    • Parties start at $35 a person and varies on party type and size​

  • A child requesting services only offered to adults 

    • starts at $25 an hour​

  • Personalized help after attending a class

    • starts at $25 an hour​

Private lesson

Please read before submitting

Each lesson or request will be priced separately and based off of individual need. Requests can be made with a two hour minimums. Any request with minors (private lesson or party) will require parental or guardian attendance (children may not be dropped off or left unattended). All payment will be made through AAI, not individually through the instructor. A request does not guarantee a service.

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