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Drawing Fundamental: Portraiture Drop In


This class will focus on identifying and developing the core fundamentals within drawing. In essence, we will be looking at how perspective and geometry can be used to create convincing forms and depth. We will spend time covering how to 'turn the form' and begin approaching the concepts in a way that can be applied both analytically and intuitively. We will talk about how linework, brushwork, and edge play a factor and why balancing these aspects are important for reading the form. We will cover how to approach studying anatomy (people, animals, architecture, engines, etc) and the importance of 'gesture'. We will build on our concepts of geometry and perspective with a crash course through light and how it falls onto the form. Then we will talk about composition and design, and how it can be utilized throughout the creative process as a means of expression and problem solving. This class lays out a roadmap of material that will take an artist years to master. Whether you are a beginning or an experienced artist, you will undoubtedly benefit by focusing on improving in these areas. If we as artists are able to gain a perfect understanding over these concepts, the only thing limiting us becomes our imagination. This class would be helpful for aspiring illustrators, industrial designers, animators, character designers, painters, concept artists, hobbyists, doodlers, (weevers), and more. If you like to draw and just want to do it more proficiently, we've got you covered. The material is difficult, but the journey is most rewarding.

  • 3 hours
  • 20 US dollars
  • Arts in the Sunset

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel for a refund 1 week before the class start date. No refunds or make-up dates will be offered for classes unattended

Contact Details

  • 3701 Plains Blvd, Amarillo, TX, USA


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