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Ann Crouch Original


Thanks to our dear friend and local artist, the late Ann Crouch, a Foundation was created in 2018 with the sole purpose of reviving the centrally-located art center. Ann gifted all of her assets, including the Sunset Art Center building, to the 501(c)(3)-designated Crouch Foundation.


Due to restrictions to achieve tax-exempt status with the IRS, beginning September 1, 2019 Arts in the Sunset could not continue to rent gallery space to artists. The Foundation revealed plans at the December 5 Open House to scale down the footprint of Sunset to create a more sustainable and functional space that will continue to house the Amarillo Art Institute as well as working artist studios, event venues, and exhibition space. The Amarillo Art Institute will remain open during renovations. We will keep the public updated as plans progress toward what we hope will be an arts center that will last decades.

















Because this decision displaces many artists who had galleries at Sunset, we encourage you to continue to support these talented individuals in their new locations. Find your favorite artist below and visit their new space. We will continue to update the website with any new locations we hear of as well as ways to get in touch through the artists' websites and social media accounts.

MK Aldrich Artworks & KMC Jewelers (3314 Olsen Blvd, Ste B)

Barnes Jewelry (100 Westgate Parkway) features Renee Deaver, Janette Dickerson, Melissa Haney, Karen Herpich, Leona Beddow, Chris Johnson, Aimee Mouw, Mary Solomon, and Stefanie Williams

Kisor Gallery (1422 SW 15th St)

Las Tiendas Courtyard (6666 W Amarillo Blvd) features Chris Johnson (#29), Kiper Gallery (#29), Renee Deaver Art (#26) and Aimee Mouw Fine Art (#7)

Dallas Mayer Gallery and Art Studio (302 East Gladys, Hooker, OK)

Sonya’s on Historic Route 66 (2918 W 6th Ave) features Janette Dickerson, Karen Herpich, Chris Johnson, Mary Solomon and Ken Wampler

Rain Sushi Bar (817 S Polk) features Karen Herpich

The Right Angle (2602 Wolflin Ave) features Chris Johnson

The New Space (1900 SW 6th) features Renea Dauntes and others